There are four versions of Hash Suite: Droid, Free, Standard, and Pro.

Features Hash Suite Droid Hash Suite Free Hash Suite Standard Hash Suite Pro
Allowed use Any legal Any legal Any legal Any legal
GUI yes yes yes yes
Multi CPU yes yes yes yes
GPU Multiple Only one Only one Multiple
Concurrent CPU/GPU execution yes yes yes yes
Rules yes yes yes yes
Compressed wordlists a lot1 a lot1 a lot1 a lot1
Hash types 14 (*) 14 (*) 14 (*) 14 (*)
Password length LM hash: any valid
Most others: up to 27
md5crypt: up to 15
LM hash: any valid
Others: up to 6 (demo)
LM hash: any valid
Most others: up to 27
md5crypt: up to 15
LM hash: any valid
Most others: up to 27
md5crypt: up to 15
Reports no Demo: PDF only, watermarked Demo: PDF only, watermarked Full: many formats
Fix accounts with weak password no no no yes
Import remote accounts no no no yes
Free upgrades N/A N/A no Yes, to future 3.x
Operating system Android Windows Windows Windows
Support contract no no Optional (Basic only) Optional (Basic or Advanced)
Price free free $39.95
Basic support: +$79.95
Basic support: +$79.95
Advanced support: +$879.95
1 zip, gz, tgz, bz2, 7z

Once you make the payment online, you're able to download the current commercial version almost immediately (our server sends you an e-mail with the download link right away).

What is being purchased?
Your purchase lets you download the current commercial version of Hash Suite and use it legally either at one location (such as one office or datacenter) or by one consultant (see the license for specific details).

The purchase of Hash Suite Pro includes upgrades to future 3.x versions (via the same download link that is sent to you upon your purchase).

The purchase of Hash Suite Standard at the current low price does not include upgrades to future versions. As an exception to this, minor revisions (e.g., 3.7.x) will be provided free of charge if we make those to correct specific bugs.

Support contracts are offered for purchase as options on the payment pages above.
Basic support includes 1 year of support via e-mail (up to 2 hours of effort), without a response time guarantee. Advanced support includes 2 years of support via e-mail (up to 10 hours of effort), with guaranteed response time of no worse than 24 hours (usual response time is under 12 hours).


Hash Suite 3.7, Droid 1.5.1

March 19, 2021

Hash Suite 3.7 and Hash Suite Droid 1.5.1 are available for download, with SHA256CRYPT and SHA512CRYPT support. Hash Suite Droid 1.5.1 is also on Google Play.

Hash Suite Droid 1.4 and 1.4.1

September 18, 2020

These versions include numerous reliability enhancements. Download version 1.4.1 from Google Play or locally.

Hash Suite 3.6

September 9, 2020

Hash Suite Droid 1.3.2 and 1.3.3

March 6, 2020

These are minor updates focusing on usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Hash Suite Droid 1.3.1

October 19, 2019

This version brings new hash types and features from Hash Suite for Windows to Android.

Hash Suite 3.5.1

March 22, 2019

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